INNOVAT’s Continuous Vat Leaching system draws upon existing processes combining standard leaching with fluidized process beds. The result is an exceptionally small process plant with large throughput rates. Significant cost savings are realized thanks to the high process efficiency and recycling of water and lixiviant.

Maximum reliability and uptime are achieved through overall simplicity, where almost all components within the process are static in nature, and only solution circulation, and discharge mechanism are energized.

Leaching progress is measured in hours, with almost no retained product inventory. The vat is continuously fed, and moves via intermittent fluidization to the discharge point where it is dewatered, detoxified, and ready for stacking.

With the ability to accommodate all ores, and any leaching chemistry, INNOVAT’s Continuous Vat Leaching system is applicable to all leach projects whether gold, silver, copper, rare earth, reclamation, recycling, or anything in between. INNOVAT has the solution to improve your economics, minimize environmental impact, and make your project a success.